Hill Country Ranches – Plat Drawing

Hill Country Ranches Subdivision, Wimberley, Texas
Plat Drawing Decor Prints, Various Surveys
Property Boundaries and Lot Numbers

Taken from the old original plat drawing from the early days of Hill Country Ranches, this captivating piece of Texas Hill Country history will make a great addition to your home or office! All of the important surveyor information about the “white rabbit” neighborhood is here, including the official lot numbers, boundary lines, surveys, and acreage sizes.

20″ x 30″ Framed Print

Description: A Framed Photo Print is a wall decor item fit for the gallery. The oblique cut of the passe-partout and the solid-white card stock together create a look that rivals any top-end art exhibit. The photo frame is covered with a flawless Plexiglass sheet which adds to its premium appeal …

Framed Perspective

Framed Photo on Passe-Partout
for that Authentic Gallery Look

° Card-stock with beautiful oblique cut
° Comes with a hand-polished Plexiglas cover
° Composition based on a real gallery exhibit
° Latest print technology for true reproduction
° Black matte frame fits in any decor

[wpecpp name=”HCR Plat Drawing, Black Matte Frame” price=”149.99″ align=”center”]                      $149.99

HCR Platt Map

Black Framed Print

Frame Colors






[wpecpp name="HCR Plat Drawing, Vintage Silver Frame" price="149.99"][wpecpp name="HCR Platt Drawing, Black Matte Frame" price="149.99"][wpecpp name="HCR Plat Drawing, White Frame" price="149.99"][wpecpp name="HCR Plat Drawing, Walnut Flair Frame" price="149.99"][wpecpp name="HCR Plat Drawing, Oak Vintage Frame" price="149.99"]
Silver FrameMatte Black FrameWhite FrameWalnut Flair FrameOak Vintage Flair

20″ x 30″ Framed Print


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