Hill Country Wildlife

The Fox ©2008 Witzel Jackrabbit ©2008 Witzel Fox Family ©2008 Witzel Deer Print ©2008 Witzel Baby Doe ©2008 Witzel Mom ©2008 Witzel Youngster ©2008 Witzel Kit ©2008 Witzel
Squirrel ©2008 Witzel Armadillo ©2008 Witzel Baby Fox ©2008 Witzel Fox Gathering ©2008 Witzel Rabbit and Deer ©2008 Witzel Doe in Grass ©2008 Witzel Armadillo ©2008 Witzel 005 Feed Time ©2008 Witzel
Kit Panting ©2008 Witzel On the Edge ©2008 Witzel Kit Kats Hot ©2008 Witzel Deer Track ©2008 Witzel Another Kit ©2008 Witzel Dear Jack ©2008 Witzel Kit Kat ©2008 Witzel Squirrely ©2008 Witzel

The Texas hill country that surrounds the community of Hill Country Ranches is rich with all manner of wildlife. People who reside in this community full time are privileged to see a wide variety of animals, right in their own backyard. Where hunters once shot game for sport, residents now shoot photographs of the wild inhabitants—preserving the delicate eco-system for their friends, neighbors, and future residents.

All photographs: Michael Karl Witzel ©2008, All Rights Reserved.