Spiders and Snakes

Spiderweb ©2008 Witzel Garden Snake ©2008 Witzel Frog Swim ©2008 Witzel Stick Bug ©2008 Witzel Garden Spider ©2008 Witzel Moth ©2008 Witzel Hooded Lizard ©2008 Witzel Tarantula ©2008 Witzel
Locust ©2008 Witzel Spidey ©2008 Witzel Ready to Dive ©2008 Witzel Lizard Sunning ©2008 Witzel Stick Bug on Stick ©2008 Witzel Lacewing ©2008 Witzel Spider Under ©2008 Witzel Hooded Closeup ©2008 Witzel

The Texas Hill Country is a region that’s rich with spiders, snakes, amphibians, and other creatures that generally creep, crawl, or fly through the air. Whether you take a hike through the countryside or just step outside on your back porch, you’re sure to stumble upon an endless variety. Some are poisonous, other are not. Yet each and every one (even the dreaded scorpion) plays a unique role in the environment.

All photographs: Michael Karl Witzel ©2008, All Rights Reserved.