Trees and Wildflowers

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Wildflowers ©2008 Witzel Wildflowers ©2008 Witzel Hibiscus ©2008 Witzel Wildflowers ©2008 Witzel Pink Rose ©2008 Witzel Wildflowers ©2008 Witzel Trees Sunrise ©2008 Witzel Wildflowers ©2008 Witzel
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Many people think of the Texas Hill Country as mostly dry limestone slopes populated by cedar and scrub oak, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Edwards Plateau is home to a rich diversity of flora.

The rocky hills are home to trees like the Texas Madrone, Mexican Buckeye, Lacey Oak, Blanco Crabapple, Chinkapin Oak, Live Oak, Ashe Juniper, Rusty Blackhaw, Roughtleaf, Texas Persimmon, Wildgoose Plum, Mexican White, Cedar Elm, Evergreen Sumac, Smoketree, and more.

Wildfowers grow in abundance, too—including such wonders as the Bluebonnet, Indian Blanket, Texas Groundsel, Low Verbana, Brown Bitterweed, Mexican Hat, Dwarf White, Copper Lily, Brown-Eyed Susan, Prairie Fleabane, Broomweed, Antelope Horns, Crow Poison, Roundleaf Monkey, Scarlet Sage, Giant Spiderwort, and a colorful palette of others.

All photographs: Michael Karl Witzel ©2008, All Rights Reserved.