Wimberley 4th Parade

Bubble Trouble ©2008 Witzel Mike Young ©2008 Witzel Vintage Cycle ©2008 Witzel Destroyer ©2008 Witzel Getting Goodies ©2008 Witzel Grand Marhsall ©2008 Witzel ARF Float ©2008 Witzel Jesus is Free ©2008 Witzel
Patriotism ©2008 Witzel On the Sidelines ©2008 Witzel Classic Chevy ©2008 Witzel Looking North ©2008 Witzel Tucan the Clown ©2008 Witzel Its a Grand Old Flag ©2008 Witzel Cheerleaders Vette ©2008 Witzel Alernative Bikers ©2008 Witzel
BCS Float ©2008 Witzel Throwing the Candy ©2008 Witzel A Family Fourth ©2008 Witzel Classic Kars ©2008 Witzel More Cheerleaders ©2008 Witzel Ace Hardware ©2008 Witzel Wimberley Players ©2008 Witzel Kids in Wagon ©2008 Witzel
Boy Scouts ©2008 Witzel Boy Scout Troop ©2008 Witzel Freedom ©2008 Witzel Uncle Sam ©2008 Witzel Frump Float ©2008 Witzel Cub Scouts ©2008 Witzel The Old West ©2008 Witzel Fire Department ©2008 Witzel

Located 17 miles southeast of the Hill Country Ranches community, the town of Wimberley, Texas knows how to put on a show for the 4th of July holiday. Almost the entire town turns out for the annual patriotic parade, featuring colorful floats sponsored by local politicians, civic organizations, volunteer groups, local businesses, and more.

All photographs: Michael Karl Witzel ©2008, All Rights Reserved.