Hill Country Ranches

A Texas Hill Country Planned Community. At the "White Rabbit" Sign, 11 Miles North of Wimberley, Texas. "No Mobile Homes, No Commercial Businesses."

White Rabbit


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there neighborhood deed restrictions?

Yes, the neighborhood has a set of deed restrictions (click the Dowload button at the top) that were recently voted upon, with the majority approving the document's covenants. While there is no longer a specific "grantor," the neighborhood itself has become the ad hoc steward of the community. Currently, there is no active homeowner's association.

Can I open a local business in the community?

Many of our current residents operate home-based businesses. What the deed restrictions hope to control are large-scale commercial operations that would increase or disrupt traffic. Nobody wants to live next to a go-cart track! At the same time, the neighborhood is not the place to build a commercial store front or to erect gigantic advertising billboards.

What kind of livestock and animals are allowed?

There are no set guidelines as to what types of animals one may care for in the neighborhood. Dogs, cats, horses and other domestic livestock are more than welcome. However, covenants in the deed restriction bar certain large-scale farming operations that would shatter the serendipity of the community, such as hog farming or other similar operations.

Can I move my mobile home onto a lot I purchased?

Mobile homes and/or manufactured housing are not allowed under the current deed restrictions. While there currently are mobile homes in the community, these were moved in many years ago and are grandfathered in. This rule is not in place to discriminate against a future resident's housing choices, but to maintain current and future property values.

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